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Thread: What would you be willing to pay for Design services?

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  1. Default What would you be willing to pay for Design services? 
    I am tossing around a few rate changes for design services and creating a menu of services that you as a client can choose from. So, tell me what would you be willing to pay for these services on a 2,000 s.f. Haunted Attraction Design?

    Concept 2d Floor Plan Drawing
    3d Rendering
    Finalized 2d Floor Plan & Code Review
    Construction Details
    Total Package Price

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    Jan 2015
    Depends on how good they are and what you need done. We haven't really paid any designers we simply google pictures of what we are looking to do.

    Do you have samples of what you've done in the past?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halloween_fiend2007 View Post
    So, tell me what would you be willing to pay for these services on a 2,000 s.f. Haunted Attraction Design?
    Also, what were you thinking of, along the lines of a 2000 s.f. design? How many rooms or events would that make for?

    I have a universal floor plan that covers 3200 s.f., and approx half of that produces maybe 5 good rooms and some nice twisting hallways that can add to your event count if you utilize some effects there, and this is triangular grid, so there is plenty of haunt packed into that floor space. Also, it doesn't include a break area or actor changing area or anything, assuming that it is one element of a multi-element event, and that those backstage areas will be covered elsewhere. If you made other logistical allowances, then that would cut down on space further.

    So, as way of example, what would you do with 2000 s.f.?


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    Okay, I wasn't looking for a solicitation of services. I was looking to contribute to the conversation for the benefit of the whole Hauntworld community. If you've read any of my threads and posts in the past, I do some design work myself and am quite comfortable tacking 2000 s.f. If you are still interested in continuing this thread and exploring the topic, I'm happy to be of service.

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    It really depends on how good the designer is but in this industry very few people would pay for that service because they feel they themselves are designers. But a good designer can make a huge difference to any project if they are good and based on the size of the project would determine what to pay. Larry

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    Thank you for all your input I believe I have a very good systematic approach to design , with over 10 years design experience with a medium architectural firm working on multi-million dollar projects everyday. That along with constant contact with the latest code and building officials keeps me in the loop. I have readjusted my fees as noted which I believe are fair.

    Haunted House Design Rate Fees

    2,000 s.f. project
    Concept 2d Floor plan Drawing $240
    3d rendering $160
    Finalize Floor plan and Code review $240
    Construction Details $160
    Full package $800

    4,000 s.f. project
    Concept 2d Floor plan Drawing $480
    3d rendering $320
    Finalize Floor plan and Code review $480
    Construction Details $320
    Full Package $1,600
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    Yeah... I think understanding is greater than technical experience in the case of haunts.

    Designing a beautiful, functional and efficient space takes a back seat to the experience it delivers to the customer.

    Since every theme, space and budget is different I think long term practical experience is the only way to get what the haunt owner is hoping for.

    I know personally, I put years of thought and borrowed advice from forums like this into just my base layout and mechanical designs. I had to take all that to an architect so he could basically rubber stamp it. He thought it was genius and well planned.

    Well, fast forward 5 years and I now wish I had done many things differently- mostly things that have to do with the scale of growing prop sizes and in particular multi-trigger sets as it relates to the customer being able to take it all in in the brief moments they are in front of it.

    Two things I have learned- I wish I had 100% on a single floor and that when deciding to incorporate sets with great height into a limited floor space is a huge risk of eye-candy impact. Sometimes it pays and sometimes its a loss.
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