Lie in the fact that I have always thought that more people were more like me than they will ever actually be as far as a natural enthusiam for Haunting. Very few seem to have such ambitions or intrests. I obviously have had way too much of what I expected others to also have, but they did not.
I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to actually have a large group of people to choose from to flesh out a haunt roster. To actually have competition for the spot available, needing and wanting to be here, doing it all because they want to!
Quite a number of young male wanna-bes would walk away when I would tell them what they could not be doing here, potentually dangerous scares that could hurt some customer, well, I sure don't need nor want that person working here for me either!
I know part of the problem here is that as a customer they see the pure fun that can be generated by the house and the show, so they tend to overlook the work involved in doing this, the actual physical outlay of time and energy which doesn't stop in a timely manner on a real busy night. such is life and work, or at least always has been for all of my life, no matter what my job was. I guess I'm old-school in this respect. Too old and my "school" can't be very popular or keep up to the recent expectations of the present generations.
Sweat, dirt, long hours, steady physical out-put demanded by the task at hand and the Boss or customers.
I often have felt as if I had retired by owning my haunt compared to what my working life used to entail compared to this task.
We have always paid the help here too, in stark contrast to my own personal previous employment situations when my paycheck was the last thing to happen and often came up short which sometimes meant I got nothing.
I was working for a close relative, I was being a "Good Boy", "Helping" like that. but I had not been a "Boy" for a great number of years. My "Helping" had me figuring the total job and doing the whole job by myself......alone.