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Thread: Haunted House for sale in Iowa

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  1. Default Haunted House for sale in Iowa 
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    Jan 2008
    EDITED 3/25/13: Now 1/3 cheaper and includes domain, www.extremehauntedhouse.com!

    FOR SALE: HauntedFX Haunted House *New Lower Price!*

    HauntedFX ran every Halloween from 2000 to 2008. By the end of its run, it
    was attracting more than 750 people each night it was open (two nights per
    season). HauntedFX is known nationally, and was largely regarded as one of
    the most elaborate haunts in the Midwest. It is just shy of 7000 square feet,
    making it larger than most commercial attractions. The sale of the attraction will
    include the following:

    -Two entrance facades. One carved foam castle entrance with wood doors, and one all wood swamp cabin entrance.
    -Approximately (200) 4' x 8' OSB wall panels. All panels are framed with 2x2
    boards and painted black. Some panels have hinged doors in them.
    -Approximately (20) 2' x 8' OSB wall panels. These are not painted and were
    used as walls in a fog maze.
    -20' black light vortex tunnel. Includes all backlights, wooden bridge and ramps,
    fabric, and metal handrails.

    Library scene includes:
    • Small round table
    • Bookshelves
    • Hundreds of books
    • Wood burning stove
    • Halloween paintings
    • Wagon wheel chandelier
    • Framed art drop panel
    • Faux bookshelf doors
    • Assortment of small props

    Lantern hallway includes:
    • Hanging candle lanterns
    • Mist generator

    Toxic waste room includes:
    • (1) 55 gallon prop barrel
    • (1) 55 gallon water barrel with underwater light and water cannon
    • (2) 5 gallon barrel towers with pneumatic opening lids and water sprayers
    • Many 5 gallon bucket props with glowing toxic waste
    • Black light with built in strobe effects
    • Strobe lights
    • Tons of corrugated tubing
    • All hoses and water adapters needed for hookup

    Torture chamber includes:
    • Hanging flaming cauldrons
    • Guillotine and severed head
    • Hanging severed heads
    • Skeleton props
    • Hanging candelabras
    • Assortment of ropes and chains for decoration

    Circus room includes:
    • 80 foam noodles
    • Table top Zoltan machine with wireless microphone
    • Don Post Studios "Stabbo the clown" latex prop
    • 10 foot tall hanging clown with LED eyes
    • 12 foot tall hanging jester clown
    • AmericanDJ brand spinning multicolored lights

    Electrocution room includes:
    • Electric chair animatronic with leg thrash movement, torso forward/back
    movement, vibration motor, elevated base, and fog ducting.
    • Strobe lights
    • Fog machine
    • Prop electrical panels and wiring
    • Spark fence

    Funeral parlor includes:
    • Stained glass windows with built in lightning
    • Flickering candles
    • Dead wreaths and wreath stands
    • Corpse animatronic with "sit up and reach" movement
    • 12 commercial quality funeral chairs
    • Working church organ

    Coffin room includes:
    • Approximately 15 wall panels with glowing coffin outline and "push" signs
    • 1 glowing coffin outline door with "push" sign
    • Black lights

    Nursery room includes:
    • Many disfigured dolls and stuffed animals
    • Baby crib
    • High chair
    • Toy box

    Lab scene includes:
    • TONS of bottles and test tubes
    • Authentic medical doctors reference book
    • Rubber snakes and spiders
    • Full size bleeding sink with pump

    Mask room includes:
    • TONS of glowing hockey masks to hang
    • One hockey mask to wear
    • Black light to charge masks
    Snake room includes:
    • Many aquarium tanks
    • Many rubber snakes
    • One tank with faux broken glass and spitting snake

    Also included:
    • Tons of various small props
    • Various costumes
    • Motion sensors and timers for all props and lights
    • 15 (at least) fog machines, many need cleaned but work
    • Many strobe lights
    • Many speakers
    • Toxic freezer box with built in light and rolling cart
    • Queue stanchions
    • Many TVs
    • Many wooden pallets
    • (1) 500 watt lightning machine
    • (1) 1200 watt i-zombie lightning machine/lamp dimmer
    • (1) 750 watt strobe light
    • (2) fog chillers
    • Floor standing donation box

    Haunted house is in storage in Madrid, IA. Buyer is responsible for moving.
    Well over $12,000 just in materials and props, not including time to make all the custom props and animatronics. Similar haunted houses are selling in the industry for $18,000+
    Will sell entire haunted house and domain (www.extremehauntedhouse.com) for $8,000.
    Email if interested or for photos.
    Last edited by crazybob; 03-25-2013 at 02:30 PM. Reason: Lower Price

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