The popcorn vending scare
From my personal black book of designs, this popcorn scare is remarkable.
I designed for entertaining patrons in line outside your haunt.
An actor, much like a barker, or vendor selling peanuts at a ball game, pushes his large old popcorn wagon. It has a scent of fresh popcorn and is decorated with circus like details. The sign on it reads, “Popcorn, .25 cents.” The actor, stands next to someone in line to possibly make a sale when another actor pops up from inside the popcorn and bangs hard on the plexiglass.
There might not be any roof or ceiling so that the inside actor can throw popcorn at people.
If you don’t want a real actor you can actually rig up a pneumatic animation to pop up and thrash around hitting the plexiglass. Hide an air tank that could easily be filled from a compressor inside the wagon below the popcorn. The animation can be triggered by the actor with a switch hidden in the handle.
Being a portable scare this one could be used anywhere. The popcorn vending scare should be good for youtube videos.