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Posting that you have $130,000 to throw at someone is like jumping in a shark infested pond wearing a meat suit.
Pretty much. My thoughts exactly (and immediately).

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. . . please remit $250 to me for the 1/2 hour I just took writing this. Why? Because then you just will be throwing your money away anyway and if that's the case, I might as well catch some.
Put me down for $1000 for several posts and messages.

I hate to say this, cuz I really wanna like this (the new) guy, but part of me is just screaming in my head "sock puppet".

He first approached me, not in private message, but in the publicly viewable visitor messages, and has basically been teasing this whole "I've got a blank check with up to $130K in available funds" thing, and then when I offer help, I get not response, just more vague allusions to "buying haunt packages" and "if profitable, we want expand into year round black light productions" and so on.

When I pressed further, he said he's done tons of research, and has tons of props and animatronics and whatnot, but won't say what they are. He also only seems to post late at night or wee hours of the morning, and only sporadically, as if it was a curious thing he's looking at on the side, or an idea he's toying with after having spent the day doing something else. You'd think someone who was ready to blow, er, "invest $130K in the haunt industry" would be a bit more engaged in the conversation that he himself started. I've seen more visceral and energetic commitment and involvement from home-haunters asking about lighting solutions and prop making.

This all feels like those p0rn solicitations you get thru IM where some supposed chick asks you to chat, but it's really a chatbot with a bunch of canned responses which ultimately take you to some "secured dating hookup page" or crap like that. All of his responses have a very teased, canned, distant quality to them.

If he's for real, great, let's get to work. But if not, okay guys, olly olly oxen free, and cute joke.