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Thread: Owners! How about Actor horror stories?

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  1. Default Owners! How about Actor horror stories? 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    "Hello, I used to work for you in your haunted house."
    "Frank and I worked for you."
    Then she went on to tell me what Frank had been doing since I last saw them...
    "Didn't you hear? Frank had led the Police on three HIGH SPEED CHASES!
    (Somehow I missed that?)
    Then she went off into a possibly drunken phantasyland explanation of how he could not get arrested or be put in jail because of imaginary legal points, ex cetra...??
    They worked for me . She was only here for one night, never came back. Frank was here for two nights. It was too cold for her, coming from a woman who told me "The cold doesn't bother me," (Because she goes in where it's warm when it gets cold?)
    Frank had a very simple task to perform here and he thought he needed a chair to sit upon to do it(Nobody else ever needed a chair for this, and he is not overweight or half crippled, nor eldelry.)
    If Frank "Really" stole a van full of fresh donuts, drove around the country at 100 MPH,stopping only to hand out free doughnuts to a Hippie Commune and an Indian reservation...maybe he got off because he still had some doughnuts left in the van for the Police?
    Sure! HAHAHAHAH!
    Does the idea or the aura of working in a Haunted House attract some certain people, who you may possibly Not want to indulge simply because their actual, everyday mind is just too far out there? (And they are just too undependable?)
    I guess this woman could work here , if I kept her warm and no customer noticed the booze on her breath as she told them incredible stories?

  2. Default  
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    Mar 2012
    How about being called on the walkie talkie that one of your actors is seriously "out of his mind" high and he's been seen stumbling around the trail and no one knows where he is now. Oh... and then you find out from one of the other actors he was talking about his multiple felonies and that he's out on bail and claims to be certain to be returning to prison once his latest trial is over... so he's said he no longer "gives a F!$%" has absolutely nothing to lose anymore. Oh, and he got in a knife fight with his friend and has the open wounds to prove it. Did I mention no one knows where he is now on the 1/2 stretch of dark trial?

  3. Default One of my best was 
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    Feb 2004
    Mexico, Missouri, United States
    This kid who thought he was so involved in Halloween and haunted houses. Thought he knew everything. Claimed he would help setup and build and everything. He sat alright. He would sit while we were building and putting everything together. I moved the couch he was sitting on and propped it on end in the corner. Then he sat on a chair the next day. I hid it. Then he piled 2x4's and other lumber and sat on it. We stacked that all up in another corner. Than he sat on the floor. No matter how hard we tried we couldnt figure a way to move the floor to keep him from sitting on it. LOL! So A few months later he continued to sit on his ass even up to the minute customers were to come thru the area he was so called working. Believe his scare was to spring up from a chair he had moved to his room and he said blah or something. Real impressive! Finally gave him a part where he just popped out. Then one night after mouthing me and my other partner at the time. I just kicked him out and banned him for the rest of the season. Only so much you can take!
    Damon Carson

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    Apr 2011
    Fall River, Nova Scotia
    Sorry, Most of our actors are Taekwondo Black Belts. Respectful, athletic and hard working. Down right terrifying in the dark!!!

  5. Default Seems to be a theme here 
    Join Date
    Mar 2011
    Raleigh, NC
    I had one woman who just looked flat out scary, so we put her in parking. All she had to do was direct traffic to the parking lot. That seems to overwhelm her somewhat, so I figured I would find someone else the next night. Then I find out she has a tendency to expose herself, completely, in public. THEN i hear her over the radio commenting on how sexy some guy in a sexy truck looked - and I am thinking - well you know what I was thinking.

    Had another teenager that I found out later was having trouble at home (ugly split with parents) so obviously had some parental attention deficit issues. He got on the radio and told one of my queue managers that a guy on the tram was exposing himself to the kids on the tram. Said he was flopping his stuff around!

    I guess he didn't realize I had someone on the tram for just this reason - and the guy he was accusing was drunk but didn't do anything other than run his mouth. I had to call of the National Guard on that one - we were waiting for the tram to pounce the guy until I got the straight skinny!

    Oh yea - the joys of working with volunteers!
    Travis "Big T" Russell
    Big T Productions Inc

    Owner and Operator of "The Plague" and "Camp Nightmare"

    Customer Quote of the year: "Damn, I pissed myself"

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