So this was our first year doing this professionally. I had an idea for something completely different from anything I had seen before (I live in the LA are and have been to Knott's, Universal and the QM several times in the last 30 years so I have seen a lot) and came up with something that freaked out those who have height phobia's. I designed a bottomless pit that you have to walk over. To make it worse I added a laser switch that turned on the effect just as you were taking your first step into space (I was also going to add about a 3" drop in elevation at the beginning edge as part of the effect but thought it might be too much for some to handle after testing it out on a few people)

While I was building it, I even had an "oh Sh*t" moment when I leaned over it the first time (yeah I'm one of those people who HATES heights) My stomach actually dropped.


So it worked... It was the biggest response I got and many people even refused to walk across it. We had to end up stationing a live monster behind them to get people to walk across the damn thing... the whole time they were freaking out screaming. my security people would just stand there watching and laugh all night long.

I placed 2 of them in a row(with about 5 feet of "normal" walkway between them) and the on the second one I fabricated a way for a live monster to spring out underneath your feet while you were walking across, nothing like getting people a second time with the same effect!

So my question for the off season is whether or not anyone on here would want one built for their haunt? Obviously price is a factor in anything we do but I wanted to get an idea of what people thought and I could look into what it would cost to make one that is transportable for shipping/storage etc.

thanks for the input