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Yes Poly is WAY stronger, doesn't crack, and mills much easier, but it actually scratches WAY more than the Acrylic and it also bows a lot when laid flat (which is one of the reasons it is so strong)... Unfortunately when I did this effect a few years ago I went with the polycarbonate for strength and it scratched very easily. this year I researched to find something that wouldn't scratch or bow (basically went to a large plastic manufacture in the area where I bought the stuff and told them what I was doing) and the scratch resistant Poly was 3x the price of normal poly. So I just got a 3/4" acrylic which was about 1/3 the price of normal poly, and was plenty strong enough for what I was doing. It held up much better and the scratches were pretty much unnoticeable.
Awesome- someone else did the guinea pig thing for us! Your info is good to know!

I'm wondering if when you spoke to the manufacturer- did the question of information about load rating come up? For instance- 3/4" plexi is good for your application but at what weight and how much longer could it be made and still support the same weight proportionately?

Steel beam load calculators are easy to find, but I doubt such a thing exists for plexi. Short of hiring an engineer to figure it out I'm not sure you could conjure the answer without expensive trial and error...

Thanks again for the info!