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Thread: What Makes a House "Haunted?"

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  1. Default What Makes a House "Haunted?" 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    You may have read this before from me, but here is some new informationon on the subject of the "Haunted Rock Theory".
    The basic theory says your house might be haunted because a big piece of a certain type of rock is under the house.
    Dolomite rock is harder and oldr than Limestone, it also has a lot of magnesium in it that Limestone doesn't have.
    Here we are situated on a huge piece of Dolomite rock... Recently I was told by two people that the Dolomite rock in this part of Illinois is 400 MILLION Years Old!
    Second thing: This Dolomite here can be 250 FEET deep!
    You drive one short Mount Carroll block from my house and drive South on Mill Street there are a series of cliffs behind the houses there for a distance of maybe 1/2 a mile!
    It very well could be THE SAME ROCK!
    How "Haunted" is this house? On a minor scale highly coincidental things happen here. Speak of something, then it turns on and runs for 3 seconds, shuts "OFF".
    Last October 31st .Halloween itself, at 11 O'clock infront of customers I said:"You should never invite a ghost into your house"
    As soon as I spoke those words am item fell from behind the television set in that room and hit the floor. The falling item has never fallen before or since. It is wedged against the window frame and the heavy old console TV.
    Or new helper last October went to speak the word "Bed" but some how the word "Butt" came out of his mouth, as soon as he said that word, it sort of "Came To LIFE", much to everyone's astonishment.(NOT a Human fart)
    We have seen Orbs in the Wine Cellar a few times now, photographed orbs one of those times. It was first seen by the naked eye, THEN photographed. NOT a Lense-Flare, Film problem, Lense Problem, Dust, moisture, when you see it, THEN take it's picture.
    One Winter a doorknob in the door between where we live and the haunt begins began turning back and forth-Back and Forth. This happened upon three seperate ocassions. My Wife screamed for me,I was upstairs right above her with customers. I ran as fast as humanly possible to arrive at that door in record time, finding no one hiding or any evidence of someone leaving the house.
    Some people have seen the ghost of a Lady in a White dress in the wine cellar since I have owned this house. She came with the house when I bought it, she has been down there since at least 1925 that I know of , from elderly people telling me about her.

    So my newest display here is going to be a scale drawing of what a 250 foot high rock would look like under this house, with a short explaination........

  2. Default Now, Yet Another neighbor 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    has a building in which odd things are ocuuring. The really bad thing is this person is scared to death! They awake at 2AM to the feeling that something very heavy is on their chest.
    "Popping" sounds come from part of the building, as if merchandise is moving, clanking into one another.
    Pictures in frames change their angle from straight to crooked over night.
    A Priest came and blessed the entire building, room by room. Afterwards a third party was told by the affected owner that now everything is OK!
    The next day she was talking way too fast, nervously and sure seemed very scared.
    The building is a part of the small downtown original block, very possibly atop the same Dolomite cliff my Haunted, haunted house rests upon.
    There were two long-time employees in this store, both deceased who could be haunting the place, since a new owner took over after 50-some years?
    IF You Believe in that sort of thing?

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