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Thread: This Happened Today Dec. 11, 2012

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  1. Default This Happened Today Dec. 11, 2012 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Even though this was a very minor act, I still have not figured out what normal circumstances, influences could have made this happen?
    My Wife and I were outside for just a few minutes. We came back inside. I opened the door to the very small half-Bath bathroom (Toilet and wall-hung sink) ("Wall" hung, not well-hung!)
    I turned on the light , looked down at the floor as a 2 inch diameter sponge, cat- toy ball rolled from a few feet on the left side of the room and tapped my foot.
    There is not a register from the furnace in this small room. There was no cat in the room.
    I replaced the sponge ball approx. where it must have been before it rolled toward me, opened the door, opened it again quicker, stood where I had been standing.. and the ball never twitched, never rolled again?
    Since I could not make the ball move again, no matter what I tried to do .. it's just a real puzzler?
    This house is haunted. Maybe this small sponge ball moving does not a "Haunt" moment make.
    But why can't I make it move by doing all of the same normal motions, actions I did when it did move?
    The last strange, supernatural things happened just a few feet away from this half-bath. the doorknob was turning all by itself. My Wife and her dog heard it and saw it move, expecting me to be coming through the door until she heard me begin talking rather loudly almost right above her! Then she knew it wasn't me turning the door knob and she got scared , thinking it could be a house burglarly or worse! she screamed "Jim come down here right away!"
    I ran down to find the door locked to the outside and no one hiding anyplace inside the house. This has happened twice but seemed to quit once we put a brand new doorknob on the door, even though that old knob was not that old, nor wore out.

  2. Default haunted cat balls 
    Join Date
    Aug 2006
    jim im not saying it wasnt a ghost but have you tried to open the door real fast? if its a small room mabie the wind or vacuum from the door made the ball move? i had a friend that called me and said come over right now i need to show u what a ghost did. i went to his house and he pointed to a framed picture he had hanging on his wall. the picture slid down the wall and was sitting on the baseboard, flat against the wall. At first i was tripping out like wth? so i took the same picture and raised it back to normal height and let go. it didnt fall down it slid perfectly down the wall and landed on the baseboard. i did it a few more times and even let it slide from celing to floor (just to show him it wasnt a ghost) and it always landed the same way. if you want to try it yourself, take an old record album cover and hold it againt the wall and let it go, its pretty dam cool. anyway jim just thought you would enjoy that stay away from the cats balls, their haunted

  3. Default Those balls just might be 
    Join Date
    Feb 2004
    Mexico, Missouri, United States
    The Haunted Balls of Mr Tuxedo.?! If the Lemp Mansion can have the ghost of a dog. Wouldnt be appropriate for the Ravens Grinn to be haunted by 38 ghosts and 1 ghost of a cat?! Meow! I actually got to see the original Mr Tuxedo. He didnt seem like he was in the mood for any fans but Jim held him and I pet him some! Really one great visit! Never will forget it! I hope to return someday before Jims a ghost there himself! Ha!
    Damon Carson

  4. Default "Return before Jim's a ghost, himself" 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Better hurry , Damon! Old age is right behind me, heck it's HERE! I'm getting older , thinner, weaker each day, down to a mere 181 pounds tonight!?
    Some times at the end of giving so many house tours here, I can hardly get much done the next day excpet shoveling snow, raking leaves, working on things for hours at a time, that I forget to eat!
    Maybe this is why I never smoked, drank, or wanted my head "potted"?
    I wanted to do this!!! And I am!
    I been telling people for years:"If you show up for a tour of this house , and I'm dead,... Come on in, I'll be waiting for you!"
    (How did he do that?)
    (I sure don't know? It was pretty impressive though, wasn't it?")
    I kept nothing a secret, I really did die in that car wreck 14 years ago.
    That's why i have to stay pretty close to the house all of the time.
    I spend a fortune on good deoderant to hide my fate.

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