I am trying to put to gather at free haunt acting class in late spring. It would be in Detroit area and will be a all day class with food and a social gathering at the end of the day. I have talked to Badger, Allen Hopps, and Tater about being a part of it, but still need a few more. I want the trainers to be diverse from each other and bring different techniques for everyone to try. I have not determined a date and would like to hear suggestions on what time of year you think would be best. I am also considering a makeup class too, maybe one class on a Saturday and the other on Sunday. I would be covering the cost of all the instructors and all I would like to get in return is an actor bio and email for all attendees. One other thing I am thinking of adding is a little section on actor and makeup management. I have a strong background in business and technologies, but just down right suck a makeup and acting. Like I said it will be free and I will be covering the cost of trainers, food, and large room at a hotel. I could use some feed back on what you think and if there is someone in the Detroit area that wants to help organize this with me email me at austind101@comcast.net.