Holy carp and thanks for all the excellent ideas!

Well what it really comes down to for me is deciding if I want durable, reusable and maybe even salable props, some time down the road when I'm done with them. or cheap and quick, pitch them and move on when I'm dome.

I have to tell you- my mind is always in the 'done right' state, but I'm coming to grips with the fact that haunts require frequent freshening of props and sets- very frequent and relatively costly.

Unless you're a lottery winner these factors are always on your mind.

You have an egg mold? Awesome! What materials do you cast in it? Transparent?

Heat pressing... awesome.

Tape looks like the most cost effective, but I'm worried about the lines from the tape edges that will form- I'm probably going to try this anyway just to see. That would be one BIG ASS chocolate egg!

Thanks for the fiberglass info too.

Vacuum forming- or a close proximity thereof (heat pressing plastic) looks VERY interesting and the google machine produced this- PETG plastic sheet at a .02 thickness, or there abouts, is what is used to form RC car bodies and blister packs.

I found 48x96 sheets for around $40 online... I'll probably try heat pressing onto a sculpt of some kind first and see how that works... Gotta love ghetto-fab!

There are several cool pieces of equipment floating around my head in consideration for purchase or build- a vac table is one of them...

Sigh... never enough time or money for the lazy man...

Thanks again!