Okay folks, it's time for us to start teasing some of our new products for 2013. We'll keep posting new photo and video teasers periodically as the show approaches. Here's the first one...


Here are a couple behind the scenes shots from our video shoot we're doing this week. We're doing several new zombie effects this year and are really excited about how they're out. I can't give away too much yet...but I can tell you that we are really listening to our customers this year and making some changes to our product line we expect will be very well received. More on that later...

For now, what do you think of our first zombie? I have been working very hard on these make-ups to ensure that they are absolutely top quality. We want our new effects to be top of the line starting with serious quality make-up.

As a side note, Tom from Nimba Creations (the maker of our awesome gelatin prosthetic line we carry that was used in this make-up) will be with us at Transworld this year. He will be in our booth, doing demonstrations, answering questions, and whatever else you may want. We're very excited!

That's it for now. As we get closer we will continue to release behind the scenes photos, video sneak peaks, and whatever else we feel inspired to share. Keep checking back!