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Thread: Show Moving Thoughts?

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  1. Default Show Moving Thoughts? 
    This has been brought up before just wanted to touch base on thoughts. This has nothing to do with anything other than I would love to visit a new city and explore. I mean ok we have seen all of St. Louis we can I think. I know in the begininning the show moved to St. Louis because things cost less. However I think by charging to attend. and other charges they and I mean the convention center have grown to the attatude of well they are here to stay so we can do what we like. I feel there are other parts of the country that could be competitive with St. Louis and TransWorld could make more. I would like to host the party in a new town, see more haunts, tourist attractions. These are just my thoughts and I am not knocking TW or anything involving the show or city. I just think a fresh face and city would bring added interest to other actavities after the show closes. Just would like some opinions and hey if you like it there then so be it I want to hear that as well. It's not a thread to put down the show or any events surrounding it just is anyone ready for a change of new sights? Shane and it's give your opinion!

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    Shane I a long time ago in the 80 I own a computer company and the largest convention in the world was called Comdex. It was a computer components show and was held twice a year once in Las Vegas and the alternating years in Chicago and Atlanta so every year I would chose a different locaction. I am not saying have more conventions I am suggesting that it moved between three locations in a patern. This way the host city will still be motivated in keeping you around in 3 years and we get to see other areas of the country. Just my thoughts.


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    I think wherever it goes it should stay in that central region, not in Vegas anything or anywhere west of St. Louis. Memphis has been brought up that might be cool.


  4. Default My thoughts 
    These would be good places! Vegas not so much I agree with Dark! Shane and it I think there are great places to visit!

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    It wont go to Orlando now that a new show is going there in May. The south would be nice since it's still March and cold mostly everywhere else.
    Personally, I like it in St Louis lots of good food, centrallylocated.

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    I'm ALL about the southern states...ESPECIALLY ATL. That's a hop skip and a jump for me! Not gonna lie, I love STL and since this will be my fourth year in a row I've kinda gotten complacent. I love the Ren and I love City Museum.
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    Well, being partial to Texas, I'm sure I'm prejudiced, but we have a lot of very serious haunt action happening here. Good for tours where you get to see different haunts each year and so on. Plus, Dallas is a convention town, so definitely a place to easily host whatever you'd like.


  9. Default Nashville 
    Nashville's new convention center is about to open this year. Plenty and i mean plenty of restaurants, bars, and entertainment within walking distance. Nice hotels all around. Up to six Haunts that could open for the show, seven if we count Disturbia which is only an hour and a half south of us. Just saying, Nashville would be nice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathwing View Post
    It wont go to Orlando now that a new show is going there in May. The south would be nice since it's still March and cold mostly everywhere else.
    Personally, I like it in St Louis lots of good food, centrallylocated.
    What new show is going to Orlando in May? I am not doing Transworld this year I am burned out......Will prob try Mid West Haunters Convention.
    Orlando is a 4 hr. drive from me so I would be very interested in a Haunted trade show/ convention there.

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