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Thread: I'm headed to the BEST haunted house...

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  1. Default I'm headed to the BEST haunted house... 
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    Mar 2009
    Headed to Disney World and going to The Haunted Mansion. Time to take some time off. See you all next week. Try and behave while I'm gone.

    Wicked Farmer

  2. Question  
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    Oct 2007
    Best for kids 10 and under maybe, it's hardly scary for adults. But it certainly is a classic dark ride!

    Enjoy your vacation!


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    Nov 2009
    WF good time to go its cold outside. haunted Mansion is one of my favorites too. I feel that it's not always about how scary a haunt is, that it is about how polished the show is. I went through 4 times last spring. If you don't mind paying the money go see Harry Potter the ride is ok but the village that is around it is spectacular. The forced perspective of the buildings is cool to sit and figure out. I thought it was well done. Right now it's 19 degrees here in Detroit so any haunt where it's warm is the best haunt. Have a safe trip and don't forget the sun block.


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    Sep 2006
    Haunted Mansion is just so classic and amazing. Went this summer and was smiling every second.

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    Nov 2007
    I bet if you ask a lot of Haunters they will probably say that Disney's Haunted Mansion was the attraction that inspired them growing up! Just saying. Other than Disney's HM you could probably count the Haunted Attractions on one hand in 1969!!

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    Aug 2011
    Only Disneyland's mansion was around in 1969 not Disneyworld's mansion that park opened in 1971. I think they are an inspiration no doubt but I've be we found them scary either, just very realistic which is great. They pioneered so many classic gags but the problem is that it's a Disney park so it still had the cartoonish look to some of the pop ups and the singing statues and the hitchhiker are cool but not too scary. If Universal had made a haunted mansion that would probably be more in the vision of a true haunted attraction but to really be like a haunted attraction you should have live actors.


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