Hi Sue,

Consider a custom comic book based on your haunt's theme, story/legend, and characters. It's a great memento of a super season. Staff will get a huge rush seeing their character rendered into print. Customers who love your show will dig being able to relive the experience by flipping through the book. You can also turn the cover, certain page artwork (or comic frames) into t-shirt art, posters, or any other type of promotional material you wish.

1031 Comics presently has a Kickstarter campaign going. We have a special $200 pledge level that will give a haunted attraction owner a custom drawn full color cover for their show. The Pledge Partner will get the original artwork PLUS the art will be digitized into a comic cover, complete with titling and tag lines...and you'll get a quality print copy of the finished cover.

To check out the artwork quality and samples for our current project, go to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...comic-series-1

Eric @ Haunted Overload has pledged and loves the concept. You might contact him to get direct feedback.

Mistress G