Hey I just wanted to run an idea I had for a haunt I'm hoping to get up and running (and screaming ; ) ) in the very near future. One of the big scenes I was brainstorming would have the victims.. I mean customers wandering through a parked school bus. They would enter though the fire exit at the back of the bus and walk towards the front. Several seats would be removed and a couple of actors would be strategically places. With several menacing the customers from the outside.

I figured despite it being a bit of a tight space, because of the innumerable fire safety measures school buses come equipped with to start it would be both effective, less hassle and could be used for both storage and transportation as long as the bus isn't used for actually transporting people it wouldn't need nearly as much red tape to keep it both on the road as well as functional. Besides local/state requirements for vehicle statues I just wanted to see if anyone has done this before and what hiccups I can avoid ahead of time.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.