Hi Karen,
I am one of the ones you responded to. Sent you a PM, but still no pics. I see your asking price, but really need to know what it includes. Saw the video, but looks pretty blank (I know the artistic airbrushing is brilliant), but need to know what is inside the trailer rig since the video sides so suspiciously fast from side to side, I don't know the wear, I don't know how any entry/exit doors or connected, how the top slides over or how any of the air/electrical services are connected. Please give more info.

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Hi, all... Sorry for my delay in getting back with you. Been doing battle with the flu bug (it won) the better part of a week and have been some what unplugged.

I think I have responded to all the pms and have emailed all of you that gave me email address to send pics and particulars to.

If you want pics email me at metamurfis at aol.com and I will shoot them over.

On the price question, asking price is $35,000 but all reasonable offers will be considered.

Thanks again for being patient and waiting for me to respond back.

As Always, Scaren Karen