Just had a thought I figured I would cast out and see what bites.

Has anyone tried a Silent haunt as in a haunt that focused primarily on lack of sound? Of course their would be some sounds but say combine darkness with a majority of silence with only key sounds kicking in. Something that could simulate that feeling you get when you go outside and its dead quiet, too quiet. Just wondering if anyone has tried something like that or some sort of sensory deprovation without subjecting the customers to full on sensory deprovation like in Blackout.

Was just picturing a pitch black maze with various open rooms with nothing but stratigically placeds sounds such as an actor just dragging something "heavy" across the floor or even just the sound of heavy breathing. In essence using sound as your prop. Would def be more the "what you don't see that scares you" idea with the customers imagination filling in the blanks in your haunt (and budget lets be honest).

I remember disney had something like this for one of their alien rides but you were stationary in your seat.

Thanks for any feedback.