Items can be taken to Transworld/St. Louis...worked well last year taking my puppet room stuff for a buyer. Items in good mechanical shape; no welds needed. Corpselator works well. Several years old but 2012 Scarefactory catalog price (prop COF903 $3195 + $225 controller + $225 digital sound = $3645. Asking $2400. Firm as I can still change look so even repeat customers will not recognise it. It is just too reliable and easy to set up to sell cheaper.

Floating Reaper. Mechanically it is good. Not sure if this SF item. I got in a trade a few years ago. Has heavy frame steel box support which we lag bolt to barn beams/floor. The F1-105 pico boo controller ($109 new) or selenoid had a problem not letting figure raise last fall at end. It only went left right but not up and down. Can not get ahold of my tech guy to remind me what issue was but wanted to get it listed now. Scarefactory 2012 price with sound and all would be $4770. Asking $3000.

Items are in central Michigan near Lansing.

Want Haunted Ent. clown storage, Poison Deluxe Scarecrow....but tell me what else you have in private message. Will have Distortions Gargoyle Shock & Shock Therapy (upside down Frankenstein) on trading block NEXT year. Telling next years items as well as I like trading things out with same people year after year.

No I do not have pics...if no one is serious after a week on here and I have to go dig out of storage for a pic....then I might.

Wicked Farmer