Today was bad day!!!
UPS WARNING: This is the second time i have heard of this happening recently....
The UPS driver delivered 2 packages on the front porch. Sally signed for them but they were too heavy for her to bring in. 5 minutes later my dog was barking like crazy. Sally went to go look and noticed a girl loading boxes into her car and didn't think twice about it. I mean who would have the balls to do that. And just like that they were gone! $7800 in prop controllers, motion sensors, 24v power supply's and airlines! What could the thief do with this stuff anyway? ... I am so screwed!
Here is a list of what was stolen just in case anybody comes across someone trying to unload it.
20x BOO BOX FLEX 4 channel
10x BOO BOX FLEX 8 channel
30x Motion sensor PRI
10x Pico boo Jr.
30x 24V DC power supplies.