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Thread: Edge Designs Status

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  1. Default Edge Designs Status 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Well as many of you have heard, we will not show at TW this year. I'm not going into the many reasons but suffice to say, we will deeply miss you all. After 12 years of doing the show, we needed to regroup, and build our business from the ground up again. We have been around for 17 years, and no doubt have been so lucky to be a part of the business. We got so big the last three years we started to fumble, something I take responsability for. But Ann and I always tried our best to help customers, and I have been drilling my imagination to come up with different ideas. Some good, the Telephone Pole and Fireplace. And some, well, sucked! But we are currently building our new line for 2013, fixing or website, and offering on Monday, the greatest sale ever. Most props are 30-50% off. With ship date Guarantees, if it doesn't leave Phoenix on that date, it's half off the discounted price. PERIOD. Read below the statement I put on our site, it will better explain a new direction, and we are stronger than ever and very busy right now. Look for new products and concepts in the next month, above the list below. We will try and revolutionize the market. Thank You for your support, we will see you at IAAPA in Orlando, or next year in St. Louis. Please call my direct line below, if I can help.

    Announcing sweeping changes in the way we do business. See our new warranty for an unprecidented two years. Guarantee to ship by dates, or it's half price! We have upgraded all animations to have bearings or lined oiled bushings. All Mechanical points are linked with grade 8 bolts. All steel frames are painted black primer, for anti rust and corrosion. We will when deamed necessary for safety, build in triple redundancy systems, giving your clients a high level of safety. This Website will feature schematics, one sheets for proposals, product instructions, and replacement parts for out of warranty items.

    Lastly, we are building a base of exciting new props, with cost in mind. We are striving to put the budget in the durability, but manufacture them in a more effiecient manor. Our Resin Architectural line will see price cuts, due to a new supplier of raw materials. Some of our most famous animations, will see drastic price cuts.

    New products will be shown here, with videos. The new exciting technologies will bring high tech scares without damaging your wallet!

    New Item Sneek Peek:


    -Shot Up

    -Clocks, Mantle, Grandfather, and Glockenspiel!

    -Grandma's Chair is a Rockin!

    -Timmy's Bed

    -Timmy's Horsey

    -Timmy's Block's

    -The Ship's Maiden, Delux

    -The Melted Candles

    -Clowning around the Meat Grinder
    Matt Marich
    Edge Designs & Theme Decor, Inc.

    Listen to them, Children of the night. Oh what music they make.

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    Nov 2009
    Good luck Matt I hope the changes work out well for you.


  3. Default What is your new policy about paying bills? 
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    Mar 2004
    Minneapolis, MN
    Great to hear you are changing the way you operate. What changes are you implementing to pay people you owe money to (such as myself)? And will you be making any changes to your integrity and morals going forward?

    I wish you great success,


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    Nov 2009
    Doug I agree that words are one thing and action is another, but he came on HW and said they were changing and I hope he can accomplish that very thing. But Matt you need to stick to what you are promising and find a away to make amends with those people who feel they have been done wronged. Matt I truly do wish you luck I have alway liked your products but just be true to your word and people will start to trust you again.


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