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Thread: Transworld Vendors

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  1. Default Transworld Vendors 
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    Jun 2012
    Nashville TN
    Hey guys, I was wondering about what to expect as a first time vendor at Transworld. We’ve attended the past few years as a customer, but this will be our first year selling. We’ll be debuting an exciting new product called Rust Dust. It allows you to rust any object you want with ease. I’ve reviewed all the fees and unloading restrictions outlined in the rules, and some of them are pretty crazy to me. Does anyone have any tips or ways to make this process easier? Also what are some of amenities that are a must? Thanks for the help and I hope everyone checks out our new products from The Torture Factory!

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  3. Default Some tips 
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    There are so many things I could say about this but I have a serious lack of time right now!
    Here are a few that come to mind:

    - Don't rent carpet. the concrete floor is a great set dressing for a haunt related company. However, without padding and carpeting your feet are going to ache like crazy so wear good shoes with pads in them. And drink lots of beer at the end of each day to take the pain away.

    - Don't rent chairs. I'm a firm believer that vendors should never sit in their booth! It's a big turn off to potential customers when there are people sitting staring at you when they walk by.

    - Be proactive and shove brochures into peoples hands. Everybody needs your product... they just don't know it yet. You will need at least 800, and if really pro-active upwards of 2500 brochures to pass out at this show.

    - Don't eat in the booth... ever. And have breath mints or gum on hand.

    - Only rent the lead retrieval machine if you have a marketing follow up plan already in place. A lot of times vendors spend the bucks renting the machine to collect names but never do anything with them. I never rent the machines and instead rely on my catalog to bring them to me.

    - Everybody wants a "show special" so have one and make sure it's only valid during the show (or for a very limited time after). Your product is small and a good "cash-n-carry" product so bring a supply to sell off the floor.

    - General tip: Take the train from the airport... it's cheap & easy.

    Hope these tips help, they are of course my way of doing things and might not be the best for you! I have done tradeshows since 1991 so I have some experience


    FYI: FrightProps also carries the awesome Rust Dust product.

  4. Default What they said... 
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    Mar 2009
    I am NOT a vendor at Transworld; but I do a lot of tradeshows manning a booth. Doug's "never sit" is one of my rules too. BUT besides comfortable shoe's go to Walmart and find those interlocking exercise pads that are about 24" x 24" foam squares about 1/4" thick. Throw a couple down. Sounds silly but they are FANTASTIC when you stand all day. Then do like Doug said and drink lots of beer afterwards.

    A vendor taking time to write up a detailed "heads up" article for other vendors "who are sort of his competition".....class act there or just crazy helping out the competition. But I am a crazy too. I try to work with my closest haunt to bring more people to our 2 haunts....silly me.

    Wicked Farmer

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