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Thread: Freight Tips for Transworld Vendors

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  1. Default Freight Tips for Transworld Vendors 
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    I’m pretty swamped getting ready for the show but I wanted to quickly let vendors know of some things that could potentially cause you problems.

    Refer to the Heritage exhibitor kit document:

    The overtime gotcha

    - If you need any services on move-out Sunday (like loading your freight into you vehicle or having your trucking company pick up your freight) then you will be paying overtime labor fees. You must specifically tell them if you want Sunday labor or not on page 27. Note that empty crates will be returned to you on Sunday without any extra charges (page 3 states this). So if all you need on Sunday is your empties be sure to mark on the form that you do not need Sunday labor. Best to have your trucking company come on Monday morning to avoid these Sunday overtime fees (see next).

    The “forced freight” gotcha

    From Page3: “All exhibitor appointed carriers must check-in no later than 1:00 p.m. on Monday, March 11th. Heritage will
    begin redirecting all outbound freight not claimed by appointed freight carriers to the preferred show carrier at
    1:00 p.m.”

    - This only applies to people using a trucking company to get their freight to and from the show. If your trucking company does not show up to pick up your freight by Monday morning at 1pm then Heritage will “force” it onto one of their trucks. I guarantee their trucks are massively more expensive than yours. One year my trucking company’s quote was $1500 and the Heritage forced freight truck was over $4000. You do not want this to happen to you! Even if your trucker arrives to pick up the freight they may be turned away by Heritage. So it is important that you are there Monday morning to ensure that your freight gets out the door with YOUR trucking company. If you can’t be there then ask another vendor if they can see it out the door for you.

    - Heritage will have you fill out a “bill of lading” for your exiting freight. Be sure to put the exact name of your trucking company on the BOL. Don’t put the name of a 3rd party broker or some such. For example, one vendor used a broker “GlobalTrans” but the actual trucking company was “YRC” – they put “GlobalTrans” on the BOL and Heritage forced the freight because “GlobalTrans” never showed up (yet “YRC” did and actually asked for the freight by name!).

    - Even if you do everything right your freight might be still forced! If you want to save thousands of dollars then make sure you fill out the form on page 26 and select “DO NOT REROUTE OUR SHIPMENT SHOULD OUR PREFERRED CARRIER NOT ARRIVE BY THE SCHEDULED MOVE OUT TIME”. If this is done then Heritage will bring your freight to their warehouse where your trucking company can pick it up. There will be a charge for this but it will be FAR less than having the freight forced onto a Heritage truck. Best thing is to be there Monday morning to make sure your freight is picked up.

    - If you need to truck freight in I suggest that you do not use “HES Logistics” as their prices are very high. Go direct to a trucking company (such as YRC) or better yet use a freight broker such as GlobalTrans. FYI: The freight class is 125 for all tradeshows.

    Weigh-In – Avoiding Charges

    - When freight is sent to the show via a trucking company it comes along with a BOL that has the exact weight on it. Heritage looks at that weight to decide what to charge you ($54 per 100 pounds). So… shipments of this type are always higher because the weight is right there on the BOL and there is no disputing it.

    - If you drive a rental truck up to the dock they traditionally don’t weight you in and you can tell them whatever weight you want. This might change this year because they are saying they will be weighing everyone in. But traditionally, driving it in yourself can save you big bucks because they don’t enforce their own policy.

    - A rental truck is not a “POV” (see Page 12). POV stands for “Privately Owned Vehicle” and means basically a car parked on the curb. So if you drive a rental truck up to the dock don’t expect to pay “POV” rates this year.

    I hope this helps other vendors avoid some problems!


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    Reading your post on freight brought to mind a question we had from last years auction of scenes from the interactive haunted house...if one ends up purchasing a scene from the auction how does one get that scene packed up and shipped out of the venue and at what cost? Any information on the subject would be great to know. Thanks.

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    Rex, I know most of the scenes were taken down, and packed in trailers and rented trucks by the design crew and the people who bought them. We helped disassemble ours and we took it in a trailer we brought. Someone else who bought a few, went out and rented a truck. Whether or not any got crated and shipped, I'm not sure.
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