it's been a few years but i am here.. some will remember me and some will not but after years of in my lair. My wife and i that in 2015 is the year will will have our haunt. this is the update right now.. she is going to school for business and i am still working but in my off time i am making new ideas, how to run a better haunt, new rooms that no one has seen before in my area, greater ads to get out there, talking to people i know that can trust and learn from to make a great haunt. I guess the reason why i left or in this case abandon this fine web site was due to some things that happen to the haunt i was working at. It was not due to me but what went down at the place. the actor made me feel lost and disliked about haunted house. It's what he did that made me turn away from the things i loved and also too he is gone now. in jail for a every long time. after much talk with my wife and i, we wanted to open up a new haunt that can run better behind the walls and in front of it as well. she made me think that if they can do this so can we. we do have a out line of our haunt and a lot of room on paper. how should we handle things with our staff. what our out look should be. what can we do make our haunt greater than the others out there in our area. so we sat down and see what we can make up, then it grew from there. so i am back and feeling like i need a refresher in this haunt world of ours.