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Thread: Haunted House Owner Question!

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    Aug 2011
    Regarding a cast manager, what duties are you expecting this person to fulfil?

    And those with 10-150 paid actors, is this a pool of actors that you work and schedule from or is it that many nightly?


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    Erie Colorado
    Your right Katie managers are a necessity for us. I cant be everywhere at once and I rely on my managers to maintain their sections and staff.
    We have a
    Ticket booth manager
    Security/parking lot manager
    Concessions manager
    Makeup manager
    Costume managers 3 haunts
    Crew managers and assistants 3 haunts
    Operations manager/ prop repair/ daily maint.

    To answer your question. The 100+ is a daily requirement to operate all 3 haunted attractions. This is including security/ concessions etc.

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    Nov 2012
    Yes. Last year was our first year.
    We had about 30 actors, most were volunteer, but we paid our "guides" to make sure we had reliable people walking through at all times that could report any issues. Our cast manager was paid, and once everyone was in place, he helped entertain the queue line.

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    I am teaching a class at MHC this year, and am just gathering the info at this point for actor count and if you have a cast manager at this point.
    As for duties, etc (based on the previous post), thise are going to be addressed in the class.
    Thanks for the data
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