If I Ever Escape!

It was almost 7 pm as Tamara Abbott hurriedly put on her lipstick as she looked into her bathroom mirror. It wasn’t often that the 26 year old college student took a break from her nursing studies to party with the girl friends on a Friday night. But Becky, Samantha and Sarah were persuasive and with her three friends to help keep an eye on her, Tamara didn’t feel any harm would come from going to a party.

Ten minutes later she heard the sound of a cars horn honk three times outside her modest studio apartment and she quickly headed for the front door, grabbing her coat in one hand and purse in the other. As she closed the door behind her and ran excitedly towards the parking lot, all three of her friends were waving to her wildly. Becky sat in the backseat and pushed the door open as she held four Domino’s pizza’s on her lap.

The smell of pepperoni filled Tamara’s senses as she climbed in and closed her door. Toby Keith’s song, ‘Prop me up beside the juke box’ was playing on the radio as all four women began talking to each other. As Samantha backed her blue Saturn up and headed for the street, she told Tamara where they were headed. “I met a really sweet guy in my computer class last week.

His name is Cliff and he just moved here from California. Anyways, he told me he and some of his friends were going to have a party tonight and asked me if I wanted to go. He also asked if I could bring some friends.” Samantha said with a giggle as she turned her head back and winked at Tamara and Becky. “Sarah and Becky already agreed that if they meet a guy and don’t want me to drive them home when we’re all ready to leave, they’ll tell me.

The same goes for you Tamara.” Samantha said as she turned back and winked at her friend. Though Tamara felt a little nervous, the mood in the car at that moment was ‘electric’ and she pushed her nervousness aside. When Samantha took a right on Oak Street she pulled into The Sheffield Apartments, a very upscale gated community. It Samantha turned down the music and rolled down her window and pressed the intercom.

When she heard a man’s voice, she smiled at Becky when heard his voice. After giving her name and who she was there to see, she was asked to wait for the wrought iron gate to open completely before entering. Samantha thanked him and quickly rolled up her window. It was October now and the cold winds of Denver made all four gals shiver for a moment.

Samantha quickly looked down at the slip of paper in her right hand. Everyone looked out their windows for Building E. Once they spotted the building, Samantha parked and all four women huddled next to the car. “We better lock our purses in my trunk. I really don’t know anyone at this party other than Cliff.” Samantha said. Once all four purses were in the trunk, Samantha led the way.

Building E had three floors, and they were headed for Apartment number seven which happened to be on the main floor. As they passed Apartment number one, the girls could hear the sound of loud music ahead of them. By the time they stood beside the door with the 7 on it, everyone looked at each other and smiled as they stared at the three colorful balloons taped to each side of the door.

By the time Samantha had rang the door bell for the third time, a gal with a chiffon blue dress opened the door and smiled as she welcomed them inside. There must have been 30 college students in the apartment. To Tamara’s relief she saw that there were about the same number of guys as there were girls. On the way over to the party, Samantha, Sarah, Becky and Tamara agreed that they would all leave the party at midnight unless they planned to spend the night with a ‘friend’.

Tamara wasn’t much of a beer drinker or wine. But she did like pina colada’s. The gal who invited them in took their coats and they were added to the stack of coats piled on top of a six foot long folding table. Compared to Tamara’s small but cozy studio, the apartment she was in now seemed like a luxurious mansion. She didn’t want to ask whoever lived here what their rent was.

The surround sound stereo was playing soft rock music, not Tamara’s favorite but it was better than listening to jazz, rap or oldies. The living room was huge and adjoined the dining room. The carpet was a deep plush white. It was the deepest carpet Tamara had ever felt as she knelt down and felt it with the palm of her hand. There must have been 30 other college students in the apartment with plenty of room for more as Tamara heard the door bell ring.

Suddenly she felt someone tapping her left shoulder and as she stood up she saw it was her friend Samantha. Next to her stood a drop dead gorgeous guy with wavy blond hair and blue eyes that would make any girls heart skip a beat. He was much taller than Samantha and he dressed very sharply. Both of them had a glass of wine in their hands as Samantha introduced Cliff. Tamara began to blush as he reached out his hand and shook hers.

Cliff’s southern accent was captivating. Tamara had always had a weakness for guys with an accent. Samantha took Tamara over to where the dining room was and around the eight foot long table milled about a dozen other students. Most looked over 21 but she clearly could tell several weren’t. On top of the table was a red plastic tablecloth. The refreshments were divided on the table into groups. One end had different kinds of beer.

The far end had hard liquor. Towards the middle were different kinds of soda and next to them were wine coolers. Beside the table at both ends was a card table. One had all sorts of chips and the other table had pastries. There were several guys behind the dining table who were serving the drinks. When Tamara was asked what type of drink she’d like, she shyly smiled at the tall red haired guy with bright green eyes and told him a pina colada would be nice.

She watched as he poured 3 ounces of rum into a crystal glass. Then he added two ounces of cream of coconut. Then he added two ounces of pineapple juice. Finally he filled the glass with crushed ice. But before handing her the drink, he poured the glass into a blender. After crushing the ice, he re-filled her glass and handed back to her as he smiled. Now it was time to mingle.

Samantha, Becky and Sarah had already disappeared, so Tamara was on her own. As she walked around the apartment, between the music and trying to listen to others who were talking, she got lost in her thoughts. She couldn’t imagine what life would be like to live in such a beautiful apartment. Suddenly someone bumped into her from behind and she almost dropped her drink. As she turned around, her eyes met the most handsome man she had ever seen before.

Andy was a quarterback on the college football team and although she knew his name, she had never dared speak to him. She had seen plenty of photographs of him around the campus and she had seen him play on the field. But this was the first time she was so close to him that she could faint. As he looked down at her, he apologized for running into her. Tamara blushed and knew she had to be red faced as she stuttered as she tried to tell him it was ok.
The two of them shared small talk for a few minutes before Andy asked her if she’d like to hang with him. Once more Tamara felt herself blush realizing that he showed an interest in her. For much of that evening Tamara and Andy were inseparable and from time to time they ran into Sarah, Samantha or Becky. It was plain to see by the way her three friends smiled and winked that they approved of who she was with.

As the evening wore on, couples paired off and the four couches in the apartment were filled with couples kissing. Those who weren’t seated were leaning against a wall kissing. Andy and Tamara talked of many things that evening. As it grew late though, the many pina colada’s Tamara had drunk took effect and she told her friend that she needed to find Samantha so she could be taken home.

When Andy asked if he could drive her home, he sounded sincere and she didn’t want to say no. But she did tell him she had to let her friend know. Tamara found Samantha on a couch nearest the den and saw her lips were locked on a guy’s lips. His hand was wandering but Samantha didn’t seem to mind. When Tamara spoke, Samantha broke their kiss and took the guys hand off her blouse and looked up surprised as she smiled.

Tamara was light headed as she smiled down at her friend and told Samantha that Andy had volunteered to take her home. Samantha winked and told her she’d stop by her apartment tomorrow and drop her purse off to her. With a small wave, she turned and made her way back to where Andy was. Hand in hand they made their way down the long sidewalk to the parking lot.

When they stood beside Andy’s 1965 Ford Mustang, the metallic blue paint shined like glass. The interior was all white and it looked like the car was brand new. No sooner had Andy taken her into his arms and held her softly, they kissed. The next moment, Tamara passed out. As Andy held her close to keep her from falling, some football jocks would have taken advantage of a pretty gal sexually. But Andy didn’t as he carefully helped get her into the passenger seat.

He should have driven Tamara home but he didn’t nor did he put her in his bed. Instead, as a practical joke, Andy drove the sleeping woman far out of town to an abandoned sanitarium that was all boarded up. 10 years ago there had been a huge scandal where some doctors and nurses were accused of torturing mental patients.

Some patients were given psychotic medications to make their conditions worse while others were repeatedly given electric shock while doctors or nurses laughed. In the end, the police arrived with arrest warrants and on the third floor there was an intense gun battle. Nine nurses and doctors were killed as were six police officers. After that, The Cambridge Sanitarium had its medical license revoked and was closed down.

Now the grounds were covered in two feet high grass and many of the barred windows were broken out. All the ground level doors and windows were boarded up. Andy had a wild prankish side to him and perhaps the booze he had drank that night brought out the worst of him as his mustang crossed the center line time and time again. When his car came to a stop, it was almost midnight as his high beams shone on the building that time had forgotten.