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Thread: Bratty Customers?

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    Well, thats a tough situation given that there was not really a lot that could have been done. However, if I were in that position, even if I was told not to leave my position, I would have to correct the situation.

    At my old place, I was a breaker. Breakers had a section of the haunt to monitor and we reported things that were broken down or if there was a trouble group, we followed them and instructed the actors to keep their distance or be wary of their actions before anything escalated.

    I have run into similar situations at my old haunt many times. Each situation would have to be dealt with specifically. Being that this situation dealt with kids, I would either remove them, or freak them out by poking them in full view of everyone or something. Showing them I can break the rules and will do so if I need to. Its helped quite a bit. Being that they are aware they shouldn't touch us, and we cant touch them gives some people some real crass and a willingness to do what they feel like. The best system I have heard of so far is a haunt with ear pieces. The ear pieces and cords were concealed of course, and if/when a customer was becoming unruly, they would say a pass phrase or so into their mic while pushing a button on their radio. This alerted security and called them in through a sneak door with a normal response time of about twenty seconds.
    "If I ever hear , "Boo", "Hiss", or "Roar", I will personally kick you in the pants."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frightener View Post
    If you guys can't get real radio gear, get a fake one. Or a broken one. Act like you use it, pretend to talk to 'management' and sign off saying 'radio off and returning to character' so they hear you.
    I have found that the more security is visible, the less problems you have.

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    If you can, attend my Wednesday class at Transworld, Im teaching a class on building a call button system with varying degrees of response needed, it works very well in our shows, easy to run, no batteries and our response time is in seconds.
    Alex Lohmann
    Alex Lohmann

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    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    As a new October group were being seated, a girl maybe 12 said in a very loud voice:"Well! If anyone touches or grabs me here I'm going to sue them!" As she folded her arms and looked as pissy as this sounds.
    I had not killed the lights yet the door was still open, I looked at her and said :"If that is your atitude, you can just leave Right Now!"
    She very quickly fearfully almost whispered (or was that a mumble?) "I didn't mean it. I don't want to leave." .. as the frown changed to a much more relaxed, even begging sort of a look.
    She went through the entire house and she had no complaints.. she probably just had a lot of fun as almost everybody will.

    THE Worst ones that I have had lately are usually the Moto-Cross teenage boys. There is a track just outside of town, their Parents drive them here from all over the USA. The kid will think he is god because he jumps a dirt bike 40 feet in the air succesfully, of course many Parents can not afford such a hobby for their child, $7,000 for a bike only used on a track,the travel expenses, ex cetra.(Some boys and parents see the glitter of bigger money as fame will find them!!
    Some of these kids have an attitude like you would not believe (Not all of them)
    After asking then, telling one of them to be quiet he said, "You can't kick ME out a goddam Haunted House!"
    Yes I CAN! I own it, you are OUT!
    He wouldn't move, just sat there like a rock. I told him to get up. He still just sat there beginning to argue again.
    "I guess I'm calling the Police to come here and move you out of the chair. They can be here in under a minute." (No lie)
    He finally stands up. A man and another boy also stand up across the room from him.. his quiet Father and Brother.
    I looked at "Dad" and asked, "Well, what do you think of this? Would you have kicked him out too if he was acting like this?"
    Meek Dad quietly said, "Yah, I guess that I would have."
    I guess we all found out who runs that family, and it ain't "DAD!"
    All three left the house. No refunds.
    These are also the group, moto-cross, one of which intentionally broke a large piece of glass here , just because he wanted to.
    The glass was possibly an antique piece of ribbed glass from the second floor of an office building, "privacy" glass? It was behind a sheet of Lexon, so no glass was released from the seperate room to endanger anyone at all. I never saw which one of them broke it, but there was also a smart-azz with much attitude in the group, so odds are it was that guy.
    We have had very few encounters here over 27 years of such destructive, vandalistic or nasty things in general. I like to think it might be because we really try to accomodate here and also give them the best "Show" we possibly can give.
    It sure does help greatly though to eliminate the screaming, staggering drunks first, before they can walk in, this saves so much aggrevation on everyone's part.
    You open your place up to numerous "Fails" if you have to allow such half-wits in the door. Puke, urine, stealing, breaking, them getting hurt, YOU get the BLAME, no matter what....Who needs that?
    and then.. the sober customers blame your house for the crappy experience brought on via the half-wit drunk(s)...
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