I have 2 Silicone Masks currently in production. I will be at booth # 833 @ transworld till sunday the 10th. I do have some masks in stock at the show, so stop by, Both Masks are ecoflex 0030 and have reinforement around the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, & over the sides(jugular) of the neck. To aid in comfort of the wearer or actor masks are cuped at the mouth opening to cover the lips and conceal the teeth & also have ear and nose holes in addition to the eyes and mouth. The masks come in Jaundice or Fresh zombie. The first mask is walking dead inspired and uses the tongue to cover the actors bottom lip, this gives it that zombie mouth gape. The second uses a similar principle, just has a left sided mouth droop. Once mask stock is depleted, masks take 2-4 weeks for production and shipment. Masks are processed in the orde they are received and buyers will receive a guarunteed ship date once payment is receieved. If shipdate is not met, buyers will receive masks and a refund of the purchase price. Any questions feel free to contact me. Masks sell for $475.00

Walter the Walker

Mangled Mike