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Thread: The thread of pure awesome!

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  1. Default The thread of pure awesome! 
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    Mar 2010
    Hey Guys!

    We're about to head out to St Louis, but before we do, there's some cool things I want to share with you!

    1) TRANSWORLD BINGO! We'll be giving away a prize pack worth over $100! I attached the bingo card file for you to see, it's also available at this link, BINGO LINK

    2) Insane Shane Party! We'll have a great prize pack available for you to win as well! Make sure you're there!!

    3) AMAZING SHOW PRICES! AND CASH AND CARRY! ALL display pieces for the show are available first come first serve for purchase, any time throughout the show, and can be picked up anytime on Sunday. We will have LIMITED cash and carry! AND AWESOME EXCESS DISCOUNT BOX! We have a TON of shenanigans leftover through the trial and error process of creating our products that we just didn't like and/or used as dummy pieces, and have a bunch of these available for next to nothing. We didn't want to throw them away and are selling basically at cost if not slightly below cost, just to get rid of it!



    Transworld Bingo.pdf

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    Mar 2010
    PS- Full product description available on our site at DecimatedDesigns.com in the meantime, some quick facts, our giant skull is about the size of a queen sized mattress, and weighs less than eleven pounds, the scare-oids costume is extremely lightweight and actually allows your actor (no matter how strong) to hold themselves up on just the arms alone and/or run at people on all fours! Our wicked weed costume is one of my favorites, it is also incredibly lightweight, the suit is detachable and can be washed in any washing machine to keep clean, the pot is actually a sick set of boots and the plant is a harmless lightweight foam that can consume your patrons at will!

    OH! BEST PART!? OUR FOAM is FLAME RETARDANT! WAHOO!! This foam is used on our wicked weed, giant skull and scare-oids! We can use this foam to make just about any custom piece you have in mind, no matter how large, and can even provide you with a 3-d print of your custom piece BEFORE we go ahead and produce it.

    See you in St Louis! And if you can't make the show, I'll honor show prices for those who would like to call and place their order ANY TIME during the show! I will work with you and understand if you can't make the tradeshow, we may or may not be at National Haunters Convention, but either way, I'm all for giving EVERY haunter an equal price! So don't be shy, feel free to call me personally at (203) 988-2440 or email us at GetDecimated(AT)gmail.com to place your order.

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