In the past several months I've seen a few "what kind of Haunt how-to DVD/Book would you like to buy?" threads started by various people, so I thought I'd list what I would be interested in...

1. How-to information about OUTDOOR haunts! As far as I know, there isn't a single DVD or book specifically about creating and operating an outdoor haunt. There is a definite opportunity for someone to be the first to tackle this topic in-depth. How about it twohlgemuth? Wickedfarmer? Elowther? Allen H? Anyone??

2. How-to info about haunt electrical systems. I've seen DVDs about pneumatics, but not about electrical.

3. How-to info about costuming. Most of us seem to talk endlessly about sets, props, and actors... But not so much about costuming.

If anyone wants to expand this thread by adding what they'd like to see, please do. If not, thanks for listening!