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Thread: TransWorld Shoot Me Straight

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    These are pictures of my house... this is the same exact weekend as the show will be next week! Thankfully it happened this year not next.


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    Well at least the kids will love missing school. Should save that pic for your Christmas cards next year. My guys got out of town just in time we were working at Busch Stadium till Friday and got out of town before the storm. We maybe from Michigan and are used to snow like this but we are not stupid. This would have made a trip back from TW fun if it were this week, maybe earlier was better this year. Larry call me if you need someone to send you a snow shovel.

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    Good points Phatman.

    Quote Originally Posted by austind View Post
    I am not a republican, I am a person who deals with places outside the US and right now the talk in Europe is another mini ice age in the next 100 years. National Geographic will be doing a series of shows this summer on it. The biggest issue is that the world getting warmer is not half as bad as it getting colder. If we lose a 3 degree average in the US we would be unable to produce enough food to support ourselves, we can over come heat but not cold with technology. There have been 5 studies covering this out of Europe over the last 4 years and it has the governments over there very concerned. If you would like I can send you links to the studies and my synopsis of the NG broadcast media package we are currently working on for them. This is not crack pot political stuff, it is good hard research done without influence from companies or university personal gains. You may have heard that there is a big movement in the Green Peace group about going away from and distancing themselves from the global warming stance. The Media in the US does not cover a lot of things that you can read in Europe. If we really wanted to do some good for the environment then we should start with the worst abusers like Mexico, South America, India and China. I was just like alot of Americans a 20 years ago before I got a different view from traveling abroad. I was not trying to be critical, but our press here in the US seems to have their own agenda now days.

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