The article makes a point about if the worker productivity improvements were coupled with Cost of Living what the min wage would be. A GREAT discussion point.

That said, what was the ticket price of your haunt when you started selling them?

What was minimum wage at that time?

How much has each increased? Who is further ahead?

Here is some info from the labor dept. It was ten years before the last increase from 1997 to 2007 with two auto increases. Now it has been four years again with no increase.

Apr 1, 1990 $3.80

Apr 1, 1991 $4.25

Oct 1, 1996 $4.75

Sep 1, 1997 $5.15

Jul 24, 2007 $5.85

Jul 24, 2008 $6.55

Jul 24, 2009 $7.25

Bottom line is much of the same target demographic that the minumum wage helps is our customer base. Many kids are living at home and can spend money on haunts like movies, games, and misc. How many haunts out there were down last year? The fact is that many haunts have priced themselves out of reach of many of their customers as discussed on another thread.

As some haunts have said, they pay more than minimum already. Maybe those that are paying exactly minimum are getting what they are paying for?