Honestly, without the people who sell the systems chiming in, is Zombie Paintball a fad, or here to stay? I find a hard time justifying the tens of thousands spent on a system for a small haunt to barely break even let alone make a "killing" pardon the pun.

I find the whole thing to appear to be a fad, and just like vampires and lycans were big in the early to late 2000's, zombies will be around until the next big thing hits, and spending 20 thousand dollars on a kit or a trailer seems to be a rip to me, no?

Also, does anyone have issues with their actors staying to actually work for the paintball setup? For every 100 actors I've seen, maybe 10 are worth their weight, and even less I'm sure would be willing to take (even a low pressure) paintball hundreds of times every wagon load?

Input appreciated.