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Thread: As Real as it gets blood paint

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  1. Default As Real as it gets blood paint 
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    Feb 2011
    Hello can anyone tell us who makes the as real as it gets blood paint . We would like to try all three vendors bloood paint
    Pale nites halloween production and as real as it gets thanks

  2. Default As real as it gets? 
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    Aug 2011
    Who makes the as real as it gets paint I've never heard of that before.



  3. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    I have not seen Halloween Productions blood.
    So, I can't judge that.

    But i have used both fright props and Pale night perma blood. Both are great products that go a long way and look great.
    AND trust both company's product.

  4. Default  
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    Oct 2007
    Greenwich, CT
    Haven't heard of As Real As It Gets, but we've just started rolling out our own brand of blood paint this month here. Its called Formula13, and the primary goal in creating it was to provide haunters with different shades AND textures of scenic paints (we're going to go beyond slime and grime too).

    When we do anything for a film project, no matter what the budget, if theres blood involved we usually need at least 3 shades with us, and each in varying consistencies... so I just thought there MIGHT possibly be a market for those kinds of subtle differences in texture and color.

    So far I have Blood and Scab available, the blood is designed to flow well and provide an excellent splatter (we even made it a little stringy so you can get fine trails of blood without flinging it everywhere) goes on very bright red but dries to a very realistic deep glossy blood red, and the scab is thick, fiber-filled, and DARK. Scab was designed to get the crusty, drying/aged-but-glossy, textured little globby bits without having to lay on paint in thick sections (less paint used = cheaper to do!)

    The next shade being released is UV blood, yep... UV blood. Why its not been done yet, i have no clue... but we're doing it, and we're doing it right.

    Sorry to make it such a long post about a seemingly simple product, but its brand new here, and you were looking! lol

  5. Default  
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    Oct 2011
    Lexington, KY.
    Nightscream Studios makes it.

    >Download free Google SketchUp collections made just for haunt owners and designers.

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  6. Default  
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    Mar 2012
    Go with palenight, nightscream way way to high


  7. Default wow 
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    Feb 2011
    Hey Thanks so much for all the responses to this thread
    And for everyones insight .Thats what i love about these forums Haunters helping haunters so cool .

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