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Thread: Jack Daniels talking...

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  1. Default Jack Daniels talking... 
    Join Date
    Mar 2009
    Try this room on for size. Drop people in a room that is supposed to be house of a close friend. Have them there to tell them their new boyfriend they want you to meet has 3 DUI's possibly 4. A whole 12 days elapsed between license being reinstated first time and DUI #2. For several years he had to blow in a device testing sobriety before car would start. And has beat 3 women one of whom pressed charges in court.
    Now shift gears and tell same friend that you have to testify against them in court. You must go to court because you know they are jerking their ex around (also a friend really) in child custody with a charade.

    Nothing we do in a haunt can come close to real life emotions. Are people more desensitised today than just a decade ago? The wicked witch of oz and her monkeys scared the heck out of me 40 some years ago. Now I wish I could go back to the old simple days of being scared watching Wizard of Oz. So much more enjoyable than some real life drama. last night I was a saint...and scum of the earth at the same time standing there in a friends house dropping news on them. How dare I meddle. I guess that is the problem with us farmer types. We are stubborn as Hell and don't flinch at dealing with things as unpleasant as they are.

    Scratch one friend and pass the Jack. I wrote this before drinking. Maybe this doesn't belong on here...but man did it make me think about our business of putting on a show to scare people.

    Wicked Farmer

  2. Default  
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    Nov 2009
    There is right and wrong in this world but people don't stand up for the right side enough now days stay. Stay strong and stick to your morals, nobody said doing the right thing would make you popular. Does help you sleep at night, so does a little Jack. Wicked my ass you name should be the Good Farmer. LOL. You are going to have to go kick a cow or something to come back to the dark side.

  3. Default I'll turn back to the dark sde... 
    Join Date
    Mar 2009
    I'll just plant a few more acres of GMO crops this spring. Everyone is brainswashed that they are evil...so the dark side will take me back in their good graces. In reality GMO is saving this planet from starvation AND better for the envirement at the same time.

    And that cow...I'll kick the dairy farmer instead. That is if they are touting scaremongering of BST treated cows and don't treat theirs...but his wife daily ingests "The pill". Then I'll kick the shit out of him.

    Wicked Farmer

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