Hey guys. I am wanting to start production on some small things to help start getting back up off the ground. One of the things I was thinking about was costumes.

Mainly easier, cloth costumes for now. Like jumpsuits and zombie suits etc. Maybe a few custom things like what GG has. Making my own weaponry to complete a few costumes.

So I wanted to ask, what's the market like for affordable, medium end costumes? I figure a lot of ppl would rather buy, so save time from making them so they can spend more time on the haunt and production of their own show. I know folks like Allen makes his own stuff, but was curious as to how many actually purchase costumes. I've never been to TW yet and I plan to next year no matter what.

Thanks for any insight. I AM looking to make a few things 'different'. rather than the same old ratty costumes.