In the works guys!

So far I've been able to locate and purchase quite a few larger dress / suit pants upwards in the 50" ranges. 1 or 2 in the 54"s etc.

I'm working on an idea to make the larger ones expandable. Cut, sew so they don't come apart easier, then attach touch elastic. So a 50" could fit in the 54"s and so on. I'm not a costume man, but Im willing to learn whatever I can to help out.

I just want to keep my foot in the door and DO SOMETHING, anything. I've got a girlfriend now that's very sweet and seems like she wants to help out. So I may have another 'partner' (Just when I was about to take off to cali and start a new, different life, she fell into play and told me the 2nd meeting "Your passion is obviously haunting, please don't quit it"

So I am here to ask. What is the "larger" sizes I need to look for guys? Help me out. I got a few largER jacket sizes but they're hard to size and find.

I am also thinking of breaking up the suits. Some may wear a 40' but the jacket would be too small, or maybe too big. I am thinking about selling jackets and pants seperate to help out with people getting costumes that ony parts fit. Less chances of wasting your money that way.

I'm starting out with ideas such as: Obviously Zombies, Zombie Suits etc, Victorian Dresses; Distressed, Victorian Zombie dresses, a few Cheer leader suits, French Military (if a deal goes through), Mechanic suits /Zombie suits and Nurse Outfits.

I have 2 unique, custom designs I'm working on right now. Going to try and design my own weapons etc to go along with them.

So I need from you guys, ideas of what you'd like to see produced and in what 'larger sizes', like what size do YOU need?

Thanks guys.