Ok guys. I'm designing and proposing a Trailer Haunt idea to get my foot back in the door. I lost 90% of my stuff in 2012's b/s year.

Last few years and times I'd been at the fair, people were spending way more money on the funhouses, rides and food than tshirts. So with my broken hand and what is called "production tshirt airbrushing" I probably would be better off NOT rebuilding my tshirt stand.

So I'm very intrigued about trailer haunts. There was a funhouse with mirrors that took 3 min's for my wife and daughter to go through. I think it was 3 tickets and there was a short line the night we went and it was a slow night.

My thinking was, if I could only purchase 2 trailer's and get them detailed and outfitted by this season, wouldn't this be a good opp. to run these at the fairs to at least get SOME revenue in to finish purchasing trailers and stuff. If this were to be plausible, what would a 2 trailer haunt be worth charging for if I can keep them 3-5 minutes?

Any ideas on this subject? Eventually, for 2014 I'd like to have 5-6 trailers outfitted with a courtyard in the middle to have a decent length show going so I can charge $10, be a bargain and pay for itself and maybe a hotrod at some point :P

Let me know any and all ideas please. My mind is still jacked from the experience and I'm just trying to get back on track.