Thanks for the input guys. Especially you Greg. You've helped me out a ton last season with getting my feet wet.

I was thinking, even to start with 1 or 2 trailers for a few small events etc, that should be a HUGE blessing. The main thing is, not having to pay rent for a full year!! I was going to have to pay $24,000 just in rent for this coming year... Take that off and what do I have? Much less need to hit higher numbers for my first few years while I build up.

I have spoken with a few people and I have a bunch of different areas I can set up. Even my 5th and 6th choices are REALLY GOOD places! Mainly very HIGH traffic areas... at least for around here lol.

Also, the carnival things around here don't seem to be too terribly restrictive, at least as long as I cooperate, let them choose my 'spot' etc. They'll probably, most likely want me to go to their ticket system but I don't care. Making money is making money to me for the first settings. I'm just trying to get the ball rolling. THEN I can purchase a few more trailers and continue building.

Any other input? Any other advantages you guys can see? I'm serious, if I can clear 2,000 ppl a season I'd be ecstatic and really, we WOULD'VE HIT THAT # in 2012, had it not been for the crazy ex to fail at the rest of .... ok. If we had completed even 50% of the marketing it would've been easily done.

Thanks again.