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Thread: New revised logo. Thoughts please.....

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    Jul 2012
    Mount Pleasant, MI
    The logo looks very retro to me. I like retro, but the kids might not?

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    Nov 2008
    To be clear, I handle Sue's site, as well as all print media, and I pushed hard for a re-work of the logo.

    This is the original logo:

    And this is Chad's rework for a very affordable price:

    We just can't afford a 1500 dollar rework right now by Doug. And while I like Doug's work, I also realize that Chad does some great stuff.

    This is not a new design by Chad. He was given very explicit instructions by Sue. She wants this same design and layout, simple creeped up for an affordable price.

    I like the logo compared to what she had, and eventually we may re-brand entirely. But since this is season 3, people in the area are starting to recognize the logo, and we wanted it distinctly similar with a bit of a more realistic feel.

    So rather than cutting on Chad or his work, realize that Sue wants to keep the original layout and logo with an updated feel.

    Thanks for the CONSTRUCTIVE (Allen, DA, etc) criticism from those of you who were actually CONSTRUCTIVE.

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    Aug 2003
    NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE. From a design stand point, when comparing the two logos together there are some very specific points that can be made within the parameters of the design. The original has a better balance of elements than the new one. The bats that fill the left hand space work better on Chad's while the bat's on the right hand side of the original make a bolder statement. The original house with its forced perspective works better with the arc of GREYSTONE. The treatment and actual elements Chad has created are more striking than the original "clip art" style of the original. Also the moon on the original stops at the top of the lettering on both sides. In Chads it continues on the right which tends to make the moon appear slightly oblong. Chad's renders, colors and mist overlay are fine as well as the type face. A combination of the old logo layout and Chads elements would be the way to go if you are still developing this.
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    Dec 2008
    Longview, Texas
    Thank you everyone for the input. This is really tough. As Keegan mentioned I want to keep the feel of the original logo. This is our third year and people are starting to recognize us. Our jackets, the haunt truck and several other items have that original logo. I do agree though with the larger bats. Maybe make them a bit smaller and darker. Good point about the house perspective I will mention that to Chad. Again this is not Chads original idea it is a rework. Thanks again everyone!!


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    Jul 2005
    Cincinnati, OH
    When you say $1500 for a rework, is that a rework for the logo or a new website? If it's $1500 for a logo then that 's really high.
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    Nov 2008
    Jolly, his base was 750 for a rework. 1500 for "really awesome."

    LOGO only.

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    Jul 2010
    Hartford CT
    Mine was a new one and I wasn't charged $1500. I think it's pretty awesome as did Doug too

    I think the lettering could be a little more gritty and I like the bats from the first one better. The house appears to be a vast improvement too.

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    Nov 2008
    Oh I'm not doubting Doug, they do great work. It's just out of our budget.


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    Apr 2009
    Near Charlotte NC
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