After over a decade of successful sales, Scared Stiff Magazine (published 1999-2003) is going through a final liquidation. This may be your last chance to capture some of the best educational the haunt industry has had to offer. We are still selling back issues but at a ridiculous price!

The only publication of its kind, introduced a more professional educational approach to haunted house acting through how-tos and insight from industry professionals from both the make-up industry and haunted attraction industry. If you are a haunt owner or actor, you cannot be without this set of timeless reference material.

Initially sixteen quarterly issues were published over a five-year period for a complete set. Since then four issues have since been sold out. All twelve of the remaining volumes are now available in three blocks of four.

Issues #3-6, 8-11, and 12-15.

The price point is to buy the first two blocks of four for $15.00 and the third one is FREE. Add only $10.00 for shipping! $25.00 total for all 12 issues! Be quick to take advantage of these insane deals!
All individual issues are only $2.00! Bulk pricing is available. If you are missing back issues here is your chance to fill them up!

Contact me privately for orders.

Thank you.