I recently have had two opportunities for my haunt. The first is here in golden Colorado. My friend has a 125 acre farm and we already got the ok from the zoning that we can hold it there. I will have to cut him in as half parteners but he knows it will take 3 to 5 years to reap a profit. He also has some buy in bread to. The second one is in California which is on a farm 30 minutes outside of Reno Nevada. The farm is owned by my wife's family and they are willing to give it to us if we move out there. The zoning is all good there to. There are far less haunts out there but I figure that is for a reason. We would have no parteners out there but it seems it might be a bit more difficult. I have actors here and would have to find a brand new team. It might be a lot harder since the town is small and 30 minutes outside of Reno. I would like some input on what you guys think would be better. My haunt has no real following here yet so that is not a factor. If I left anything out feel free to ask questions. THANX