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Thread: Evil Dead... Okay so is it or isn't it???

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  1. Default Its okay 
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    Mar 2011
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    The wife and I were disappointed only because the "scare" factor was non-existent. A lot of gore, and really cool effects and makeup, but no "scares." Alien did a much better job of keeping you on the edge of your seat so I give that a higher rating for scares than other movies. But a good movie still - glad we saw it and we did come away with a few ideas for this season. I would love to get a mask of the demonized girl!
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  2. Default Although I love the original Evil Dead 
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    Feb 2004
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    I can say I enjoyed this modernized amped up version of Evil Dead! It had elements of both Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 in it. Which I thought was cool! And some actual things from the original movie was in it. Like Sam Raimi's car was in the back of the cabin. The original clock was shown. This wasn't meant to have comedy. Its patterned more like Evil Dead! Its not called Evil Dead 2 so scrap all the comedy. That was put in the second one to tone down the horror! I mean hell Sam went to court over the tree rape scene over seas! We all know this! Don't we? I liked some of the new things added! They really "NAILED IT"! And the main girl was really the standout! She was a pretty good actress. She would be the "Ash" character only maybe more like Within the woods "Ash" since she plays both sides of the coin. I would have to give great credit to Fede Alvarez on his work! There were parts that make you jump! There are parts that make you feel uneasy and unnerved! There were great sound effects as in the original. There were camera shots that gave nod to Sam's original work in the original Evil Dead! If your an Evil Dead fan you have to go see it! And although I did read Bruce is at the very end I was expecting a lot more. But at least it shows maybe he will be in one of the other remakes! Cant wait!
    Damon Carson

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    Loved the original. We did this sculpt years ago but the product was put on hold. Think glowing eyes would make it better.

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