12x6' $799
16x 6' $899
20x6' $999
24x6' $1099
Includes 2 vinyl pillows, 2 bounce house fans, instructions, shipping and support after the sale. I also send a repair kit with glue and material so if you have a cut you can repair it in 15 minutes and be back in action. (I've never had a problem but better safe.)
I also make pillows that hit you in the waist. they are 2'x2'x? each. Made to blow up tight so you have to "wade" through them. They are $100 less per set than the comperable legnth above.
$200 down now, the balance in May before shipping. Need references, haunts that have used these for years, just ask1
George Maser 864-761-7223
I need good pictures, I would appreciate that anyone with one of these would post pictures.