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Thread: Promo videos for marketing

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    Hello all!

    Just looking for a little advice. We are considering hiring someone to do some promo videos for us this season. We have never done a promo video before. My question to you is this; Do the expense of promo videos increase ticket sales enough to justify the cost? I have a degree in marketing. I understand that this is a marketing expense. I am not going to do my own video to save some money. I want a high quality product. I do not live in a high population market. Nor am I competing against a number of other venues. I am trying to pull numbers from larger demographics within 100 miles. If I do pony up and try this, how do you recommend getting these videos out? I know social marketing and all that. Any interesting ideas on promoting these things?

    Thanks much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Capt.Chaos View Post
    Do the expense of promo videos increase ticket sales enough to justify the cost?
    Yes, If you got great sets, characters and makeup, a great video promoting your haunt and it's quality is a great way to get people to get excited about your attraction and desire to see it in person. If I had to choose between two haunts in my area that I've never been to, the haunt that has a great video showing off some quality work will get my money vs the one that doesn't or may look like crap.
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