We have a trailer full of lifelike full size figures from the now closed Plymouth National Wax Museum, hand painted and topped with human hair; Created to depict the story of the Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower in Plymouth MA in 1620.

The life-size figures are made of a stiff rubber with a urethane foam core and were designed by the late artist Earl Dorfman. The figures are durable, detailed, and lend themselves to many theatrical and artistic applications.

The head, arms, wrists and torso are all poseable while legs are molded in a fixed position. The figures are being sold naked unless buyer is interested in the clothing. Some figures may be missing hands or there may be some armature damage but figure will be fully inspected and buyer will be notified of damages (Do not trust the photos as some dummies were not fully setup and are still a complete undamaged package.) We are based in Connecticut and will deliver 100 miles locally, please pm me if you would like to arrange a different means of pickup.

Please refer to the "Media Info" tab on the right of the page for prices (http://photobucket.com/WaxFigures4sale) Majority of the figures are $400 for adults and children are $300.

Photos do not give these figures justice! They were created to be in a fully lit museum so you can only imagine under spooking lighting how realistic they look!

Each figure will be sold with the museum's brochure and articles about the figures. Whether you want a piece of history or a realistic figure for your haunt, we got you!