Hey Guys

I recently stumbled on an April Fools Joke I played in 2009 and was wondering what is the best April Fools Joke youve pulled...Since I started this thread here is mine from 2009

dear readers

As many People know that theRe comes a tIme in a persons LiFe that everything must cOme tO an end. under much consideration for my heaLth and Some personal matters, after this season, i will no longer be in the haunt industry. im sick of all the fighting and bickering between haunt owners and everyone else in this industry. i don't have anymore fight left in me, i'm sick of it all. some people say if you do this then the other people win. well its not about winning and losing its about how much one guy can stand,, before it becomes to much of a hassle and it becomes too personal. over the years i've been both mentally and physically beaten. while i am throwing in the towel after this year is over i will still do all the haunts that i have promised to do this year. i've met a lot of great people over the years and no matter where i turn up or go i will never forget any of you... whether that be good or bad. i do wanna thank all of you for all the love and support you've given me over the years. its been a long hard and nice road that i've traveled and y'all just made it easier. so in closing i will say thank you so much for everything....y'all mean the world to me

sincerly yours
scott tater lynd

The beauty of this one is the capital letters spell out APRIL FOOLS