Hey Everyone, I am needing some help / advise but first let me give you a little history about me.. I own Alabama Asylum, my website is www.alabamaasylum.com.
i bought 13 acres and cleared an acre and built a 8000 sq ft house in the middle woods. So the patrons would walk through the woods and then go into the house and walk back out through the woods... To make a long story short I am forced to move my haunt after being in the same location for 5 years... The city is now saying that my property is not zoned for business after 5 years being open, buy licences and paying taxes. now they decided to say this after they have been out here inspecting it as it was being built and in progress.

Enough said got to move on or it will beat me down.... now to my problem at hand now.

I in the process of getting a 70,000 sq ft sewing factory. What would be the ideal size for rooms, cause I have plenty of space. I was also wondering how crazy or stupid would it be to make part of it look like a house (cause I have tons of props and decor of that time). I am also trying to come up with a theme, I am having a brain fart at the moment. Any suggestion/ help/ or advise would be greatfully appreicated.

After I close on the place I will give more information on it and where it is located. I will also start posting my progress of turning into a haunt.. If anyone would like to help on that process would be great///LOL...

Thanks in advance