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Thread: Help Needed

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    Apr 2011
    Winter Springs, FL
    I have one URL that will rock your Sewing Factory. Grim Stitch Factory Costuming... done. (I LOVE their stuff.)
    Michael Inks
    Geist Entertainment, Inc.
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    Oct 2012
    Fairbanks, AK
    Man I wish I had that much space to work with... Now granted I am going into my second year with the Haunt here in Fairbanks, I find that you can transition how ever you want, whether its going into a house or a swamp or factory... As lng as the story flows. I have been to so many haunts where there is now flow, its just random room after random room because they thought it was scary. There was no story behind it.

    I had so many people asking for more history and story on my haunt because the flow of the story in the haunt worked really well. Good fiction is a lie that can be believed...

    But it sucks on the zoning... To bad you can't go to court and get the zoning on the property changed. I also have a list of state requirments that a good amount of state Fire Marshalls use as a guide. If you want it, PM with your email and I'll send it to ya.

    Best of luck Brother

    Fairbanks Asylum

    “Remember though, your best weapon is between your ears and under your scalp -provided it's loaded.”
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    May 2010
    what is everybody starts on using sheetrock if its a permanent haunt? since plywood cost so much

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    Feb 2010
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    Quote Originally Posted by zombietoxin View Post
    holy carp... a haunted chainsaw factory...

    the sweat off that awesome idea is awesome...

    Specifically, I meant the path width. Our fire marshal is comfortable with 36" halls and pathways, so I designed the layout based on 36" squares + I added 5" for wall thicknesses- so 41" squares basically- but Allen was correct in interpretation.
    Take it one more step, a haunted chainsaw factory run by deranged clowns.....

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    Apr 2012
    Sheet rock in my opinion SUCKS. I don't know with plywood but the inspector even does a screw count on the rock after it is up to make sure it is secure (it is like eight inches on the border and ten down the middle). Also when you nail it to the ground it does massive damage when it is pulled out of the ground. Also when pulled out it is not reusable at all(it ruins studs and all). It is also super weak and a had a lot of holes at the end of my run. The bright side of the picture is the sheet rock is not flammable in itself and my fire Marshall made me use it for that simple fact.

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    Jul 2012
    Mount Pleasant, MI
    I vote for the HAUNTED TOY FACTORY!!!!

    Then your gift shop at the end could sell some of the creepy toys!

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    May 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Tiki Studios View Post
    I vote for the HAUNTED TOY FACTORY!!!!

    Then your gift shop at the end could sell some of the creepy toys!
    I am liking that suggestion... I think I could run with it..

    Also was wondering if anyone has some input to a name: for the factory if I got with either a chainsaw, sewing, or toy factory.

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    Jul 2010
    for a dollar...
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